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Homeowners Assistance Program

In April 1987, the Maryland Aviation Administration (MAA) initiated the Homeowner Assistance Pilot Program for areas surrounding the Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall (BWI) Airport. The pilot program included two methods of dealing with homeowner problems and improving land use compatibility in the airport area, a Sound Insulation Project and a Resale Assurance Project.

Under the Sound Insulation Project, existing houses were modified to make aircraft noise less intrusive. By replacing windows and doors with new components specifically designed to reduce sound transmission, increasing the mass/weight of some walls and in general, sealing cracks and crevices that act as entry paths for sound energy, the interior noise levels in these houses were significantly reduced. Additional ventilation systems and/or central air conditioning were installed to ensure fresh air circulation since insulating the houses results in less outside air (as well as noise) leaking into the building.

The Resale Assurance Project* was designed to financially assist homeowners who wished to move out of the Noise Zone by guaranteeing that they would receive fair resale value for their homes.

All phases of the pilot effort are now complete, and an ongoing Homeowner Assistance Program was established under a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration through the completion of a Federal Aviation Regulation Part 150 Study.  The Study identified homeowners residing in communities that were exposed to cumulative noise levels of 70-75 Ldn.   Properties which were determined to be impacted, became eligible for federal noise mitigation funds to provide sound insulation through modifications to their homes, with a goal of reducing interior noise levels to an average of 45 Ldn.  In 2007-2008 the MAA updated its Part 150 Study which expanded eligibility to homeowners exposed to cumulative noise levels of 65 Ldn, although the overall noise contours have been reduced considerably due the phase out of older noisier aircraft.  The sound insulation option is the only program currently active.

Progress as of March 31, 2008

  Eligible properties 902
  Properties completed 750
  Sound-Proofed 637
  Resale Assurance Program* 113
  Properties in process or on waiting list 38
  Sound-Proofing 38
  Resale Assurance Program* 0
  Homeowners who have not applied 114
  Homeowners Assistance expenditures to date $21.5 Million

* The Resale Assurance Program is no longer active.

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