Permits Information Guide


9.1 Permit Expiration

Unless permitted work commences within 180 days, or if the work is left abandoned for the same period after the issuance of a permit, the Building or Installation Permit will expire by limitation and become null and void. Upon request from the Applicant, Tenant Improvements Section (TIS), at its own discretion, may either re-activate the Permit or refer the matter to the Permit Committee for its final decision.

9.2 Not Transferable

A permit issued to one tenant is not transferable unless approved by the Permit Committee.

9.3 Suspension or Revocation of Permit

Tenant Improvement Section (TIS) reserves the right to suspend or revoke a permit if it determines that a permit is issued in error due to misinformation or if the issuance is in violation of state statutes, codes, regulations or MAA Design Standards.

9.4 Temporary Structures

Permits are required for all temporary structures. Temporary structures shall not be erected for more than 180 days and shall comply with Section 3103 of the International Building Code with the exception of paragraph 3103.1.1, which is deleted.

9.5 Work without a Permit

No construction work may begin prior to the issuance of the Permit by the MAA. Any work occurring without a Building Permit may have to be removed and the affected area restored to its original condition, at the tenant's expense, if so directed by the MAA.

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